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“This [new research] paper says: ‘Activating Nrf2 actually sensitizes the tumors to radiation and to chemo (…) and the other part of that [study] is just as important: ‘Nrf2 ‘activators are chemo-protectors and radio-protectors for normal organs’. [ ]
“So imposing a Nrf2 activator changes the way that tumors and normal tissues respond to radiation & it does it in the best possible way: it makes the radiation more effective at eliminating the tumor, and less effective at causing damage to the rest of your body.”
– Dr. Joe McCord, Chief Scientist & Researcher, LifeVantage
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The following is text from, an alternative protocol website:
“TREATMENT RATING: Protandim is the most effective product on earth to minimize and neutralize the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation.
“Much of the damage done by orthodox cancer treatments are from oxidation. Protandim is one millions times more effective as an anti-oxidant than normal anti-oxidants.
“While much of the damage done by chemotherapy and radiation is oxidative in nature, some of the damage is permanent damage and cannot be helped by Protandim. But overall, Protandim will greatly and quickly deal with several of the key side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation.
“In addition, studies have shown that antioxidants, taken during chemotherapy, increase survival rates. Since chemotherapy does far more harm than good, it is easy to see how neutralizing its oxidation affects can increase survival rates.
“Protandim is strongly recommended as an adjunct protocol for any cancer treatment. The exception is for those who are taking the Cellect-Budwig protocol. The researchers of these protocols feel that Protandim, because it is an herbal product, will interfere with the way the Cellect and Budwig work.
“Cancer researchers strongly suspect that Protandim can revert many cancer cells into normal cells because of its herbal formula (though this is not why Protandim was formulated the way that it was). There is very strong evidence to support this belief.
“In fact I personally consider Protandim to be a major treatment for the cancer itself. Vendors are not allowed to make such statements, and in fact most people who sell Protandim have no clue it is a cancer treatment since they are only taught about its anti-oxidant capabilities.”
 – R. Webster Kehr, Independent Cancer Research Foundation

From Protandim'sGift   2-27-12

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